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ACH Services specializes in carpet restoration processes that will upgrade the appearance of your carpet.  Our services include:





Carpet Repair Frequently Asked Questions

A. We use professional power stretching tools, failsafe trimming methods and precise knee kickers to ensure that the job gets done right. Although many people believe that re-stretching carpet can be done by nonprofessionals, we don’t recommend this. One of the reasons is because we employ carpeting experts who will carefully inspect your carpeting, tack strips and padding to properly identify the issue. Plus, we’ll help you figure out the root of the problem, whether it is related to humidity control, excessive use or something else.
A.The way that KIWI repairs ripples, buckles, and saggy loose carpet is by performing carpet stretching and re-tacking with our state of the art carpet repairing tools. Our technicians will have no trouble getting your carpet looking as good as new in no time.
ACH can repair seams that have come loose around the edges, in a multitude of places. We can replace loose seams where two pieces of carpets meet together, as well as re-tack carpet around the threshold and along walls. KIWI can also patch bleached carpet with spare carpet or by taking carpet from an inconspicuous place like a closet
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