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ACH Carpet Services is a carpet restoration company. ACH Carpet Services is a franchise of Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing . Many people are confused when they hear the term carpet restoration. They want to know what is carpet restoration? What does it do?

What is Carpet Restoration:

Carpet Restoration involves restoring the color back to carpets that have been faded or discolored. The process of color restoration works well with pet stains, bleach stain and sun-faded carpets. Color is applied to the carpet using the Langenwalter dye method which produce and even color with a written guarantee that the dye used will be permanent. Carpet restoration also includes getting buckles out of carpet by stretching the carpet. It also includes patching the carpet for holes in carpet created by pets or cigarette burns.

What does Carpet Restoration do?

Very simply, carpet restoration makes your carpet look great. It can change the color of your carpet to reduce maintenance cost of trying to upkeep a light colored carpet. It covers stains created from spills or pets. It revitalize your carpet appearance with a vibrant color.

ACH Carpet Services provided the best steam and dry carpet cleaning process that results in a thoroughly clean carpet. We also provide a spot removal service that the average carpet cleaner cannot remove.

That’s why we are the best at what we do.